The Wasteland Film

Short Contemporary “Western” Seeks Interest and Capital 

The Wasteland is an independent film production from Nine Ladies Film, written and directed by Derbyshire filmmaker Stuart Wheeldon. Stuart is co-producing the work with Nick John Whittle, a screenwriter and film producer from Birmingham. The screenplay itself calls upon the experience and inimitable talents of British actors Paul Dewdney (Crossroads (2015), The Inquiry (2016)), Johanna Stanton (Dead Hungry (2009), Nightmare Box (2013)), and Irish actor Bern Deegan (Point of no Return (2016), The Telephone (2017)). 

The Wasteland features an original soundtrack to be scored by Michael Walters, founder and director of the bespoke music production company Storm Force Winds. Michael’s catalogue of concert music is published globally and his music has been broadcast on BBC radio and television, Sky TV and Fox TV.  

Nine Ladies Film - owned and managed by Stuart - is keen to produce The Wasteland as soon as possible. The screenplay is a modern day mystery thriller which follows Laurence, a loner and a drifter with a hidden past who arrives in a small village on the offer of work from local farmer Frank. Taking the job of rebuilding a stonewall Laurence becomes intrigued with Holly, the enigmatic wife of Frank.  Holly’s own troubles with depression and domestic abuse lead Laurence on a new journey; a journey that he soon wishes he had not begun. For more information, please visit the film’s web page

The Wasteland is scheduled to be shot in and around the Derbyshire Dales in July 2017. By using the rugged landscape as a backdrop, facets of each character can be brought to bear against a natural and dynamic mise en scène. The cast and crew are now secured for the project; locations are being scouted with some already agreed upon. The producers are seeking funding by generous donors through their LiveTree page or by private arrangement and would like to urge all supporters of independent cinema to promote the concept and grow interest. 

Stuart has been meaning to write a contemporary “western” thriller for some time. The Wasteland’s subject matter lends itself perfectly to his home county’s beautiful and sometimes desolate outlook.  Not only has he written a narrative of depth and substance but so too are the pertinent subjects of domestic abuse and mental illness engaged with in a sensitive and powerful way. The producers believe that such a film, with its enigmatic subtext and dark, brooding emotions will strike a chord with today’s audiences.  



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